The main obstacle a virtual reality arcade confronts and Location-based VR


A virtual reality arcade has to overcome lots of problems throughout its carrier. Virtual reality is a highly trending topic in the contemporary gaming community. The biggest problem they have to face is to get gamers into the VR headset. If they need to grow their business, they must collect the audience and increase accessibility.

When talking about video games, we all know that the video games industry is growing fast in the modern world due to its popularity among teenagers and adults. Have you ever thought about the people who don’t have a computer or a console? How do they play video games if they don’t have a proper setup?Some of them go to a virtual reality arcade while some teenagers don’t have enough money to buy a computer. So, there should be a proper way of entertainment for them. Therefore, we talked about location-based VR and the challenges they face with Doug Griffin, head of Nomadic.

a man with vr headset
a man with VR headset

He told us about the three forms of location-based VR. They are premium, free roam and arcade. “As the consumer market takes off, I think that there won’t be enough differentiation between the types of products that VR have versus what is offered at home.” According to Griffin, the biggest challenge a virtual reality arcade faces is the growth of VR games that gamers have the ability to reach in their house. He said,

“I’m concerned about how those businesses continue to compete with the home market when that takes off”

The word “takes off” means that VR is now a hugely consuming product in the marketplace. So, it is quite challenging for a virtual reality arcade to manage the access price. This is already achieved by the Non-VR gaming arcade. Therefore, he believes that the VR arcade evolution might depend on the other location-based formats called premium and free roam.