Finally, Verizon Reveals 5G Coverage Maps


Seven months after its initial launch, Verizon 5G map is finally out. Now they have revealed the coverage maps for all 18 cities that will get 5G facility. It’s glad to see that the coverage is a lot better than the tests in Chicago and New York.

Verizon says that the number of cities will be increased to 30 by the end of the year. According to Verizon, most areas of downtown Boise, Idaho, Minnesota and Minneapolis have 5G coverage. Verizon says that they target areas with high traffic. So, more people will have access to 5G facilities. You might know that Verizon gave 5G to some parts of football stadiums.


If you check out the map of Chicago, it seems pretty good.

Chicago 5G Map - verizon 5g map
Chicago 5G Map

But if you check out Verizon 5g map of Logan Square, you can see that the coverage is not so good. But I think they are honest and they actually tell where 5G is available. Additionally, the network is expanding day by day. So, that’s a plus point.

Logan Square 5G map - verizon 5g map
Logan Square 5G map

5G is available in most of the cities but they are limited. At least early 5G adopters can have a solid idea where they can obtain 5G signals.

T-Mobile has laughed at incomplete 5G strategy of Verizon, saying that it relies on millimeter-wave(mmWave) and it cannot cover all the regions and it cannot go through buildings. When millimeter-wave can’t reach customers, they will feel a signal drop.

You should note that the 5G coverage is highly restricted to sidewalks and streets. The minus point is the signal cannot penetrate through windows or walls. So, it’s impossible to use Verizon 5G while eating at McDonald’s. They also cannot travel far which means they only can travel 800-foot radius from the cell site. If you’re thinking of buying Verizon 5G, I recommend you to check out the map before purchasing.