Top 3 Gaming Gloves Honest Review

gaming gloves

If you’re a gamer guy or a girl who loves to play games all day, you should know the importance of gaming gloves. They are specially designed to give you the best gaming experience. If you wear a pair of quality gaming gloves, your hands won’t feel tired after long hours of gaming. They can be used for pc, console or mobile devices.

After long hours of gaming, you might have felt moist in your controller, which made it slippery and difficult to use. Gaming gloves can help you to prevent this issue. They are designed to keep your hands dry and it will prevent your controller or mouse from slipping out of your hands. Carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis can be caused due to long term use of mouse and controller. These gloves help you to keep away from such problems and will keep you comfortable and dry. Without further explanations, let’s jump into the list.

1. Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves

Copper Compression Arthritis Gaming Gloves

Brand – Copper Compression

This product is constructed with 85% copper-infused nylon. Therefore, it can provide the best comfort to your hands. This is mostly used by people who suffer from Arthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, Muscle pain and hand pain. They are designed to keep their hands away from pain. You can wear this all day without any pain or sweating. They are durable and will not lose their functions over time like many other low-quality gloves in the market.

Price – About $24

2. Comfy Brace Arthritis Hand Compression Gloves

Comfy Brace Arthritis Hand Compression Gloves

Brand – ComfyBrace

This product is made of high-quality cotton spandex. This can be used for your computer, console as well as mobile devices. The fingerless design makes it more comfortable and easier to wear. Moreover, this gaming gloves help your skin breath and enhance your blood circulation. Anyone can wear it all day because it’s super soft and comfortable. After washing them multiple times, I realized that the quality still remains great and it still looks brand new. The fabric doesn’t pill and doesn’t make your hands sweat.

Price – about $26

3. Doctor Developed Premium Copper Lined Wrist Support

Doctor Developed Premium Copper Lined Wrist Support

Brand – Dr. Arthritis

Unlike other gaming gloves, this one is special. This is developed by doctors with good experience in wrist conditions. Cheap products in the market are uncomfortable to wear and they make your hands sweat. But this one is super comfortable and non-slip. Additionally, a handbook written by doctors is available inside the package. This handbook reveals about best tips, exercises, treatment options and more advice to prevent injuries and pains. If you have nylon or neoprene allergy, I recommend not to wear more than 20 minutes straight. I recommend this gaming gloves if you consider about your health while gaming because these gloves provide restrictive support to your wrists.  

Price – about $13

So, these are the best gaming gloves I have used so far. I play games all day in my free time and it causes me pain in my hand. After getting used to these gloves, I realized that my hands are not getting hurt anymore. So, I recommend you to try these gloves and feel the difference. Please feel free to share your favourite gaming gloves in the comments below.

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