The Google Assistant will be able to read out articles in 42 different languages


Google is engaged in a new feature for the Google Assistant on Android phones. In the future, you will be able to ask Google Assistant to read whatever you’re looking on your mobile. You just have to say “Hello Google, read this.” While you’re looking at the text or webpage, Google will read it out loud for you.

As you know, you can find hundreds of screen readers on the internet. But According to Google, they are working on something special and unique. The sound of the new Google Assistant will be more natural.


Google’s new promo video shows how Google Assistant parses sentence patterns to sound more natural. The best news about this feature is it can read out up to 42 different languages. This feature is clearly visible in Google’s promo video.

Parsing Feature

The parsing feature of Google Assistant was introduced in 2015 and you were able to use it by giving permission. You can use this feature to let Google take actions based on what’s on your screen. When you open Google Assistant, this feature is controlled by a suggest action button because it failed to capture a main place in Google’s UI.

We hope that this new feature will be able to change it. But the release date is still unknown. Google says that they are focusing on highlighting the text while reading and auto-scrolling. So, it will be more user-friendly.


Unfortunately, this feature is just a preview. But Google says that they are able to use Google Assistant to translate more real-world contexts. They have named it “interpreter mode.” So, you will be able to use this feature at places like hotel desks.  They have launched this feature to mobile phones.

In this year, places like airports lounges, hotels and banks will be powered with interpreter mode. Therefore, everyone is waiting to use this exciting and unique feature.

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