Magico Ultimate: The ideal $600,000 speaker for the .001 percent


No U.S. dealer has a pair of these unique Magico speakers.

The Magico Ultimate nearly cost $600,000 a pair. Now it is in its third revision. In 2004, these original Magico speakers were just $229,000. Both the current Ultimate speakers and the original speakers share the same “horns” that looks like a megaphone. The new speakers have crossover networks, redesigned view and amplifiers. The line of box speakers has a more traditional look and it’s more affordable than others.

These speakers are sold only by special request and no U.S. dealer has a pair of these speakers because they are very rare and unique. They have the best quality and great for any purpose. Magico doesn’t have a warehouse with speakers waiting for customers to come and buy, they make a new pair when someone shows an interest. Each 800-pound speaker has 4 horns. The drivers are made in Japan. These drivers are designed and manufactured elegantly. In each pair of Magico speakers, you can find out eight hand-built drivers. Each of them costs more than $10,000.


These Ultimate speakers are nearly eight feet tall. They use cast aluminum to build some horns while they use solid blocks of aircraft-grade aluminum for others which are entirely made in the U.S. These speakers can supply a deep bass frequency with a 15-inch woofer which is coupled with a 4000-watt amplifier. They are also fully designed and created in the U.S.A

In early 2000, Alon Wolf of Magico, built speakers without constraints. He was curious about the distance he could improve the art of sound reproduction. He could only get thrilled and there is no practical payoff.Now, they are building previously purchased speakers. It takes a month to finish a pair. There’s one thing left to say, the rich get the chance to enjoy the best!