JBL’s Eternal Bluetooth Headphone with Unlimited Battery Life

jbl headphones

JBL just announced about JBL eternal bluetooth headphone, a pair of over-ear headphones that can offer “virtually unlimited” battery life. They are crowdfunding this new headphone and you can preorder a pair for $99 on IndieGoGo. On the headbands, there is an array of solar panels.

Everything you need to know

According to JBL, you need to wear these headphones at least two and a half hours outside in order to get “virtually unlimited playtime.” This means that it is necessary to wear these headphones on a sunny day with a brightness value of nearly 50,000.

A cool fact about JBL eternal bluetooth headphone is they can charge from indoor lights. But it’s slower than the direct sunlight. You can find a Powerfolyle material inside JBL, which can store energy from the Sun. Whenever you are under a source of light, your headphones will start charging. So, you won’t need to worry about charging or battery status. You can just listen to a song and chill.

JBL eternal bluetooth headphone
JBL Bluetooth Headphone

This new JBL eternal bluetooth headphone is called Reflect Eternal. This headphone supports both Alexa and Google Assistant. In case of low sunlight or rainy day, you can charge this headphone via USB. So, it’s better to have the USB as a backup.

When discussing about charging via USB, you can get up to 2 hours of playback time if you charge it for 15 minutes. This headphone offers features like voice assistants, multi-device pairing, audio amplification and hands-free calling. The frequency of this headphone is 20Hz to 20kHz. Whenever you don’t have enough sunlight or current, you can use this headphone up to 68 hours. It’s nearly three days and it’s great for a trip or a long journey.

Moreover, other than JBL, Logitech also creates products with renewable energy sources. They created a keyboard with this technology that can be used for years without charge. Garmin introduced its solar-powered smartwatch this year. Therefore, it’s clear that more devices with a renewable energy source will be produced in the future.