Is Liquid Screen Protector Really Worth it? Read this Before Buying

liquid screen protector

What is a Liquid Screen Protector?

It is a nano liquid, invisible glass which applies to phone screens. You have to apply it on your phone and wait for it to dry. Silicon Dioxide is the primary element used in most of the liquid screen protectors in the market. It helps to strengthen and protect the screen of a mobile phone.

How Long Does It Last?

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You might think that it lasts forever once applied. But it won’t. Usually, this protector lasts 9 months to 2 years, depending on your usage.

Can a Liquid Screen Protector be Removed?

The answer is no because it’s invisible. A traditional tempered glass can be removed because it’s visible, but once a liquid screen protector is applied to your phone, it gets embedded to your mobile screen. So, you’re stuck with it.

Will it Make Your Screen Scratch Resistant?

scratched phone. liquid screen protector

In my experience, it doesn’t add that much scratch protection to your device. But it adds slight scratch protection to your smartphone.

Tempered Glass Vs. Liquid Screen Protector

This might be the burning question in your mind. Most people are not sure what to choose. Suppose you are concerned about the protection of your smartphone. In that case, I recommend you to choose tempered glass over liquid screen protector. I say so because tempered glass is stronger than liquid protector. So, it will be helpful for you in accidental drops.

Does it Fill Cracks?

Unfortunately, no. If you apply it to a device with a cracked screen, the screen will look the same even after applying the protector. It won’t fill the cracks in your screen.

Does Liquid Screen Protector Make the Mobile Screen Tougher?

You might get surprised by the fact that it actually makes the screen stronger. A group of tech fans did a test to find out the impact of liquid screen protector on mobile screens. The outcome was amazing, and they found out that this protector can tougher the glass on your mobile phone by 15 times. Amazing right? 

Can I Use a Tempered Glass Over a Liquid Screen Protector?

Yes, it’s possible. Some people do use a tempered glass over a liquid screen protector for extra security. It won’t do any harm to your device and you can use both according to your preference.

Can I Use a Liquid Screen Protector with a Waterproof Case?


Yes, you’re good to go. Liquid screen protectors work perfectly in waterproof cases because they are thin and slightly noticeable.

Finally, Does it Really Worth Your Money?

To be honest, I’m not satisfied with the liquid screen protectors since it doesn’t meet my expectations.

There are some drawbacks in liquid screen protectors compared to tempered glasses. First of all, you can’t remove it once applied. So, If you get a scratch on it, you are stuck with it forever. And, doesn’t do so well in scratch protection.

Whey talking about the price, a liquid screen protector costs around $20. One piece is enough to apply on multiple devices. So, it’s easy for you.

In the end, I would like to say that tempered glass seems to be more powerful than liquid screen protectors. And if you really want to try out a liquid screen protector, I recommend you to apply it first and then apply a tempered glass over it for more protection. If you still have questions, please comment below.

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