How Long Does It Take to Learn Coding?

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Coding is an art loved by millions of people all over the world. Personally, I know many freelancers who make a good profit each month using their coding knowledge. Many people have an interest in coding. But they don’t know where to start. The main problem newbies confront is the time that they need to spend to learn coding. Let’s find out a real answer to your long waiting question.

There are many factors that affect the question, “How long does it take to learn coding.” First, I want to remind you that coding needs passion. If you have the passion and you really love what you are doing, believe me, you’re on the fastest track to learn coding. People who don’t love coding can’t do this job for a long time. They will get fed up and will give up. You should not start learning focusing on making money. Keep your dreams aside and focus on learning.


Let’s directly jump on the point. If you are a newbie, it will take nearly 4-6 months to learn the basics. This also depends on the method of learning. A coding bootcamp will help you to learn basics in 4-6 months while self-study can take up to 1 year. And if you’re a fast learner or if you have many resources, it may take less than a year.

How to Learn Coding?

A degree in a relevant campus is another way to learn coding properly. Normally, it will take four years to complete a bachelor’s degree and it will take another two years to complete a master’s degree. Some people believe that it’s a qualified way to learn coding while others believe that it’s a time waste. It’s up to you to decide what’s best.


I would like to remind you that coding isn’t as hard as you think. And also, learning coding can be compared to learning a second language. Both need passion and time. Learning is a never-ending project. Although you become an expert in a computer language, you still have a lot of things to learn. Skills come with time and they improve slowly. If you have no idea where to start learning, it’s better to join a coding bootcamp. It will speed up the learning process. Specially, you will meet learners on the same level and the competition between you guys will help to learn fast.

More Advantages of Joining a Bootcamp.

  • Experienced and Trusted Instructors

In universities, there are well-experienced instructors who have good knowledge in their field. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the quality of their work. You will get the best out of their knowledge.

  • You will Learn to Work Co-operatively

Unlike self-studying, you will have to communicate with each other to work efficiently and effectively. You can share your knowledge and ideas with each other. When you have a problem, you can ask others and learn new things.

  • Ability to Study Full Time, Part Time or Online

This is a great chance for people who don’t have enough time or people who do a job. So, you can manage the time and choose in which way you are going to study.

anyone can learn coding

You might wonder what you do after studying in a bootcamp. Actually, there are many things to do.

  • Computer Programming
  • Software Development
  • Computer System analysis
  • Database Administration etc.…

So, you asked me how long does it take to learn coding and now you know the answer. As a summary, I can figure out that the time depends on many factors, but normally it takes more than four months to learn coding properly.

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