Half Birthday Calculator – Complete Guide

half birthday calculator

What is a Half Birthday?

Actually, it’s a made-up word and it’s calculated six months before or after the anniversary of one’s birthday. Mostly half birthday is used by people whose birthday comes on holidays or school vacations. So, they can celebrate it with friends on regular days. This is better because they have the chance to celebrate their birthday twice.

half birthday calculator

Half Birthday Calculator – Process

There are two main methods to calculate one’s half birthday. The easiest method is to find one’s birthday and add six months to it.

Example – January 6 (Birthday)

                   July 6 (Half Birthday)

But this method is less accurate because if one’s birthday comes on August 30th, his half birthday would be February 30th which doesn’t exist.

The more accurate method is to subtract or add half the number of days in a year from the birth date. The number of days in a common year would be 182.5 days while the number of days in a leap year would be 183 days.

The simple and easiest method is to use a Half Birthday Calculator. So, you won’t have to do the calculations manually.

half birthday calculator

What can you do for your half birthday?

There are many exciting things to do on one’s half birthday. Among them, below things seem to be more fun.

  • Organize a half birthday party
  • Order a half cake
  • Give half birthday invitation cards to friends
  • Serve halved sweets

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