Google Fi vs T-Mobile: What is the Best?


Google Fi vs T- Mobile – Not sure what to buy? Come on, Let’s find out.

What is Google Fi?

Google recently offered a wireless carrier service called Project Fi. Google Fi users just need to pay for the amount of data they use. This is a valuable plan for people who have a simple budget.

What is T-Mobile?

T-Mobile is a retail carrier who offers unlimited data plans to save customers from clinging into a limited data cap. The services of T-Mobile are compatible with the whole mobile phone market. Let’s find out the differences between these two carriers.


Text and Talk

Both T-Mobile and Google Fi offer unlimited text and talk time like most of the other carriers. But there is a slight difference. Google Fi offers unlimited texts and calls to people who are within the USA and unlimited texts to the people in other countries too. But they charge $0.20 per minute to call Canada and Mexico.

While T-Mobile offers unlimited and free talk time and text to people within the USA and also people in Canada and Mexico.

Mobile Data

This is a crucial point that we need to compare in Google Fi vs T-Mobile. In contemporary society, most of the things depend on the internet. Therefore, it’s important to choose the correct data plan for you.


T-Mobile offers an unlimited data plan with a fixed fee for every month. The price also depends on the plan you select. You can select plans like T-Mobile Essentials, T-Mobile Magenta and T-Mobile Magenta Plus. The great thing about T-Mobile is all these plans include unlimited data facility.


Google Fi

The way Google charges is quite different. You need to pay $10 for each GB you use. If you use 1.5GB per month, then you need to pay $15 for the amount you have used.

And there is a limited of 15GB per month. If you go over that limit, your connection will be throttled. This is only a problem if you use a lot of data. When comparing, I can say that if you use a lot of data, then you should go for T-Mobile. And if you don’t use much internet and you have a simple budget, Google Fi will suit you.

Throttling: Google Fi vs T-Mobile

Throttling means the slowing down of your internet connection. You still have an active connection, but the speed will be reduced than the average speed. Although T-Mobile says that they give an unlimited connection, your connection might get throttled if you exceed the appropriate amount of data. This amount is considered as 50GB while in Google Fi, it is 15GB.

google fi vs t mobile

Now, let’s talk about the Pros and Cons of Google Fi vs T-Mobile


Google Fi

  • Pay for the amount you use
  • No media slowdown
  • Unlimited US Text and Talk
  • Large combined network


  • Unlimited Data Plans
  • 50GB data limit
  • Unlimited in Canada and Mexico
  • Unlimited 3G hotspots


Google Fi

  • Expensive for people who use a lot of data
  • Data limit of 15GB


  • Only Unlimited plans are available
  • Low video quality on some plans
  • Not suitable for people who use less amount of data

It’s up to you to decide which carrier is suitable for you taking a look at your monthly data usage.

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