Gmail Spam Filter Not Working?


Gmail service is an essential thing in our day to day life. But it gives a headache when spam messages flood through your inbox. So, Google created a Gmail spam filter that defends against spams. But sometimes Gmail spam filter fails to stop spams due to some reasons. Most people don’t know what to do when their gmail spam filter isn’t working properly.

 What is Gmail Spam Filter?

Google created a spam filter using AI technology, which can identify a spam message within a short period of time. This filter uses many factors to detect whether it’s a spam or not.

How does it Work?

First, they check whether the sender’s email address is in their blacklist. If yes, that message won’t pass through the spam filter. Additionally, they have a massive database, including malicious links. AI technology gives great support in this task.

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Why Your Gmail Spam Filter Isn’t Working?

There can be several reasons for this problem. Therefore, it is needed to fix them and see whether the problem continues.

Your Marked Spam as Not Spam

There is a possibility of accidentally marking spam as not spam. Sometimes we check the spam folder, at that time, you might accidentally click on not spam, which is actually spam.

A New Method Enter to the Game

Hackers always try their level best to crawl into other’s spaces. So, they always find out new methods that can breach security systems. Sometimes, they find out a way to get through the spam filtering system. At that time, you can notice many spam messages in your inbox. They are intelligent enough to create new ways to bypass these systems. There is one thing that you can do to minimize these things. You can mark them as spam and let Google know about them.

Your Gmail Address was Compromised

This is a rare case. But there is a possibility to happen such incidents. If someone else is using your email to sign up different websites and for their private purposes, you might get spam messages that you have never seen before.

There are instances when hackers crack the business database and steal their information. Sometimes they find an email database and they steal these databases because it’s worth a lot for spammers.

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You Unknowingly Click the Link in Spam

It is extremely dangerous to click the link in spam messages because it can lead to huge disasters you have never imagined before.

Possible Outcomes

  • This link can redirect you to a website that looks like the real website of PayPal or a bank and it might ask you to log in. If you do so, you unknowingly give all your data to the team hackers, which can cause a huge disaster.
  • It might redirect to another web page, which gives an option to unsubscribe. What actually happens here is they try to confirm that your email is active or not. Once you click on unsubscribe, they will notice that your email is valuable for their use. They might use it for future purposes and they include them in email lists and sell them to spammers for a good price. This can result in flooding many spam messages into your inbox daily.
  • Another dangerous incident that can happen is downloading harmful software on your computer. It seems like an important and legitimate software on the outside, but inside it can be ransomware or another kind of virus.  

It is truly important to be careful when dealing with the messages in your inbox. I advise you not to click on any kind of links that you don’t trust. Good Luck!

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