Check Out the Ultimate Hyperscooter Worth $5,000


Are you curious about the new Hyperscooter? Check this out to know more. Cars with excellent specifications and high price tags are called “Hyper Cars.” The term “hyper” is used for vehicles with modest standings. Today, we’re going to discuss about a hyper scooter. D-Fly Group– a transport company based in London, created this scooter. This company enriches micromobility sector with technology, advanced materials, automobile grade manufacturing and cutting-edge engineering. They recently created a hyperscooter called the Dragonfly.


The superior materials used for a standard scooter makes it a hyperscooter. These materials include paulownia wood, carbon fiber, dual motors, a precise amount of torque, traction control and a decent speed of 38mph. You can also have the chance to upgrade a battery pack of a long-range up to 28.5 miles, which is fantastic. Additionally, a “Full-Tilt” steering technology which is still patent-pending. On a central pillar, they use twist control and three-dimensional tilt like in F1 racing.

Electric Scooter

This hyperscooter is powered with ultra-high-definition 4K display, which is 4.5 inches in size. The owners of this scooter can check their speed, open apps and used GPS after pairing their smartphone with the scooter via Bluetooth. Dragonfly hyperscooter is also equipped with a high-quality sound system. This is absolutely fantastic.


Everyone knows a hyperscooter means a heavy bag of money. Dragonfly too has a hot price tag. The three-wheeled version, which is the base model worth $5,000 while the four-wheeled version costs $6,000. But most people didn’t expect this scooter to bring such a price tag because other hyperscooters on the market don’t cost $5,000. If you’re going to pre-order, keep in mind that the electric scooter market is not in good condition right now.

Jez Williman, who is a British entrepreneur, started the D-Fly group. In 2008, he sold the company to a private group and he began searching for hyperscooters.

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