How to Create a Watermark in Photoshop in 5 Easy Steps


This tutorial will teach you how to create a watermark in Photoshop. Watermarking is truly important when using images on your website, blog or social media. You might have seen lots of photographers use watermark on their photos and you might wonder about the reason behind it. Actually, it’s a great way to advertise your business name or your website name and also you can reach more clients using this technique. When someone sees your image and if they think its good, they can contact you because of this watermark. Another reason people use watermark is to protect their images from others.

If you’re reading this, you might need to know how to create watermark in photoshop. I will walk you through 5 simple steps on how to create watermark in Photoshop. This process will take only 1-2 minutes because it’s too easy.

1.Open Photoshop and go to File > New to create a new document.

create new file
create a new file

Then you have to choose the size of the new document. If you are going to watermark an image to use in your blog, I recommend using the “web” size. If you’re going to make a watermark on an original, high-resolution image, it’s better to select 2500 px by 2500px. So, you can use a high-resolution watermark in your image.

Once you’re done, click OK.

2.Then, you can paste your logo or you can choose your fonts.

your logo
your logo or watermark

Some people like to use a couple of fonts for their logo. After choosing your font, you can type your watermark. Use black or grey as the color of your watermark.

I typed my logo like in the above picture. I made it larger than the actual size I’m going to use in my watermark. If you’re going to use the same watermark in always, you can adjust your size here.

3.Select the Marquee tool and make a rectangle around your watermark.

marquee tool
Marquee tool

4.Then select Edit > Define Brush Preset. Then give a name and click OK.

brush preset
Define Brush preset

5.Now select the brush tool and click on the brush preset picker.

Brush Tool - create watermark in photoshop
Brush Tool

Now you can see your new brush.

Brush Preset Picker - create watermark in photoshop
Brush Preset Picker

You can either change the color or opacity of your brush. Now you know how to create watermark in Photoshop. It’s time to show your talents.

Image with watermark - create watermark in photoshop
Image with watermark