Friday, July 3, 2020

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Magico Ultimate: The ideal $600,000 speaker for the .001 percent

No U.S. dealer has a pair of these unique Magico speakers. The Magico Ultimate nearly cost $600,000 a pair. Now it is in its third revision. In 2004, these original Magico speakers were just $229,000. Both the current Ultimate speakers and the original speakers...

Finally, Verizon Reveals 5G Coverage Maps

Seven months after its initial launch, Verizon 5G map is finally out. Now they have revealed the coverage maps for all 18 cities that will get 5G facility. It's glad to see that the coverage is a lot better than the tests in Chicago and New York.

Check Out the Ultimate Hyperscooter Worth $5,000

Are you curious about the new Hyperscooter? Check this out to know more. Cars with excellent specifications and high price tags are called "Hyper Cars." The term "hyper" is used for vehicles with modest standings. Today, we're going to discuss about a hyper scooter. D-Fly Group- a...
jbl headphones

JBL’s Eternal Bluetooth Headphone with Unlimited Battery Life

JBL just announced about JBL eternal bluetooth headphone, a pair of over-ear headphones that can offer "virtually unlimited" battery life. They are crowdfunding this new headphone and you can preorder a pair for $99 on IndieGoGo. On the headbands, there is an array of solar panels.

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Google Fi vs T-Mobile: What is the Best?

Google Fi vs T- Mobile - Not sure what to buy? Come on, Let's find out. What is Google...

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